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Christmas/New Year 2018 Sale & Deals!

Christmas/New Year 2018 Sale & Deals!

Christmas Carnival & New Year Gift Promotions:

As Christmas & New Year is quickly approaching, at Designer Discreet we are launching our official Christmas & New Year Sale of 2018/19. In addition to the regular payment discounts (e.g. 12.5% off for payment through Western Union), we have also prepared a variety of bonus gifts depending on your spending threshold.

If you want to buy gifts for your family, friends, or even yourself now is the best time! The promotion will last from November 14-December 13th  Dec. 26 – Jan.31 2019, so start shopping early to ensure we do not run out of gifts! Please scroll below to see what gifts are offered!

(Please Note: The following order values do not include shipping insurance)

DEAL #1:

If your order value is larger than US$ 400, you only need to pay another 50 USD to trade for one of the gifts listed below:

  1. Louis Vuitton Key Holder
  2. Hermes charm

DEAL #2:

If the gifts above do not meet your requirements, then we have other choices available. If the value of your order is over US$ 500 after discount, you only need to pay another $50 to trade for one of the following gifts:

  1. A hat of Gucci / Balenciaga / Fendi / Louis Vuitton
  2. Gucci T-shirt
  3. Jewelry Accessories
  4. Foldable ballet shoes

DEAL #3:

If you order value is over US$ 700 after the discount,you just need to pay another US$50 to trade for one of the gifts listed below:

  1. Cartier Love Bracelet / Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU
  2. Gucci Slippers
  3. Scarf from Gucci / Louis Vuitton /Hermes
  4. Gucci Children’s Sneakers
  5. Dog Collar
  6. Wallet from Gucci/Louis Vuitton
  7. Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker / Gucci Sneaker
  8. Burberry T-shirt

DEAL #4:

If your order value after discounts is over $900, you only need to pay $50 to trade for one of the following gifts:

  1. Louis Vuitton clutch / Gucci clutch
  2. Louis Vuitton wallet / Gucci wallet
  3. A pair of Gucci shoes
  4. A pair of Valentino shoes
  5. A pair of Gucci boots
  6. A pair of Hermes slippers
  7. Gucci cross-body bag
  8. A pair of Balmain shoes

DEAL #5:

This promotion period is a great time to purchase anything on your wish list, or even pair up with a family member or friend to buy together to qualify for the following deal! Your order value total must be more than US$1200 after discounts (the final order total after the discount must be over US $1200), and you just need to pay extra US $50 to trade for one of below-mentioned items:

  1. A Louis Vuitton handbag
  2. A Gucci handbag


For this sale, we set different gifts according to different order amounts. The larger the order amount, the higher the gift value.

Please refer to the picture for the gift options set of each order amount correspondingly.

The ranges and styles of the gifts are varied so as to meet different needs. Just go ahead to choose for yourself and your family. As long as the value of your order meets our requirements, you can choose the corresponding gift. Or if you do not want the gift within the gift range, you can also choose other gifts from other order range as long as your order value surpass the other order orders value range amount. That’s right, we broke through the limitations of the past, which is more convenient for you to choose from.

Please select your favorite item from our gifts option and confirm with our customer service after the payment is completed.

Considering the large volume of the orders to be dealt with during the sales, gifts will be sent in sequence according to the completion time of your payment. If your preferred gifts are unavailable due to inventory changes, we will try to satisfy your preferences. You only need to spend more than $50 to enrich your ITEM list again, saving hundreds of dollars off their regular prices!

Note: If you do not need the gifts listed, you can be given a key wallet worth $89 (pictured below).


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